How to get a moving quote?

So when you call you will be speaking to great staff members, they will help sort out exactly what you need so that you will have a clear and concise idea of how to best prepare for your move. So make sure you give them details of access from you pick up to your delivery address (if there are flights of stairs, lifts, or balcony) access from the street, parking bay for removalist trucks etc.

What we can’t we take on the trucks?

The following are as follow and we at Big Boys Removals do not transport any flammable or large amounts of chemicals or liquid e.g. Gas cylinders, paint pails, Toxins and Poisons, Firearms, Radioactive material these items need to be taken and emptied at authorised locations.

Day of the move?

Ensure when the removalist arrive you have secure parking for the truck the closer to the house the better and faster your move will be, depending what type of home you’re in or moving into, e.g. high rise buildings may need to set up ahead of time a parking bay, also reserve the elevator or whereas a house the removalist can park on the street.

Can we move Piano/ pool table/ antique etc. up the stairs?

Yes Big Boys can move your Piano, Pool Table, Antique etc. with or without stairs and any access, a professional piano and pool table/ antique removalist are few and far between but with our training and experience will be able to relocate your Piano, Pool Table/ Antique safely, by using the required equipment and a great team who possess the technical knowledge and skill needed to relocate these types of items.

Can we move anything over the balcony if it doesn’t fit in the lift or the stairs?

Yes we can. Don’t waste your money paying for a crane, just hire the human crane from the Big Boys Removals as we do it with the utmost care and the safest way of course.

How early do we need to book our move?

The earlier the better, the more lead time we get your move will be secure and have the dates and time you wanted, but you can call us at any time and Big Boys Removals are always ready to help.

Moving Tips?

To help our customers get the best out of their move here are a few tips to help, Turn fridge off a night before, separate what you do and don’t need to go to the new house so the removalist are able to take the rest that you don’t want to where it needs to be or the tip, pack all the little things e.g. loose items that can fit in the box. Making sure that beds, desk etc are disassembled before move, keeps all screws and bolts in container or zip lock bag (we also can disassemble and reassemble, just inform us in the booking if needed) Picture frames to be taken off the wall have a label system colour code your boxes with sticker dots, so the removalist know which room it is to be placed. We ask that someone is always present to indicate the placement of your items.

How many men will I need for the job?

So with our quote, we will advise for an extra man or at your preference and we will give you an estimated time that will be needed to finish the job which helps save time which means you save money.

We at Big Boys Removals are committed to making your moving day stress free and hassle free as possible.